SEO solutions, SEO solution expert, SEO solutions india, SEO solution company, SEO solution india, complete SEO solution, all SEO solution affordable SEO solution, best SEO solution for wordpress, top SEO solution SEO web solution, website SEO solution

SEO solutions, SEO solution expert, SEO solutions india, SEO solution company, SEO solution india, complete SEO solution, all SEO solution affordable SEO solution, best SEO solution for wordpress, top SEO solution SEO web solution, website SEO solution

SEO solutions, SEO solution expert, SEO solutions india, SEO solution company, SEO solution india, complete SEO solution, all SEO solution  affordable SEO solution, best SEO solution for wordpress, top SEO solution SEO web solution, website SEO solution, SEO solutions India, SEO service providers India, SEO consultant India


Search engine optimization or SEO is a strategy that aims to improve your ranking in organic search results and is a vital component to any marketer’s online marketing strategies. But the research and organization that go into targeting the right keywords is tedious and slow and prone to errors.

SEO is a business solution that lets you analyse and organize keywords and plan strategies around them to improve your search rankings and increase your traffic.

There are many benefits of SEO software and these are the most important ones:

SEO helps in increasing traffic .More traffic more profits. SEO is now a must in your marketing strategy even if you lack an ecommerce website. The more efficient your SEO efforts are, the likelier they’ll lead to higher search rankings for you. That bodes well not just for direct sales, but for being found online during a customer’s product research. SEO software solutions can mix and match keywords based on relevance, value, competition and other metrics. They let you discover long-tail keyword sets that may be hardly used in your niche but profitable to the business. The most advanced solutions can aggregate unique keywords in billions across search queries. The tedious, time-consuming task of manually searching for keywords one at a time is replaced by an automated process that searches keywords in bulk. What takes hours of work is now done in minutes, freeing up your time for other important aspects of your job, say, planning out content strategies and analyzing outcomes. Related keywords are also automatically grouped and categorized by relevance, value or any other metric.


Instead of having just a list of keywords, you have a structured list where it’s easy to sort the high-value group versus the secondary group. This enables you to plan your organic search campaigns with precision, whether it’s a full-scale strategy or an exploratory sortie to seize temporary search rankings from a competitor’s stronghold. If you have an active link-building strategy, SEO software solutions provide a space to manage your link partners. You can organize your various websites’ search performance, for instance, Google PageRank and Alexa, under one roof. It is easier to track inbound and outbound links and spot broken links. In the same breath you can view the search ratings of your competitor’s websites. You can analyze your bigger competitors’ inbound links and plan your keyword campaigns around them hoping to seize some juicy traffic and funnel it to your way.


SEO software solutions can be a motivational tool for entrepreneurs. Seeing small but iterated improvements on their traffic can drive them to stay focused on and commit more effort to SEO strategies. That’s a big edge over websites that lack for clear SEO paths.

Keyword selection is the core function of most SEO software solutions, which lets you dig up millions of keyword sets for organic search with just a click. Some solutions focus on long-tail keywords, which have a higher value. It also helps in tracking your search result for each targeted keyword phrase. It’s valuable to identify what works and doesn’t, allowing you to focus your resources on high-value keywords. It also crawls your website for SEO issues and suggest ways to resolve them. It analyzes both content and technical SEO elements, such as, wrong meta descriptions, missing keywords, broken links, duplicate copies and on-page SEO gaps. SEO focuses more on the technical structure of your website (versus content). These include image compression, HTML compression and Java scripting rendering. Meta descriptions, links and status codes are also assessed and improvements are suggested.

 If you have a serious link-building strategy, you need this type of app. It lets you add to a database the profiles of bloggers, websites and social media influencers and sort prospects by importance for link exchange. Factors for scoring include social followers, inbound links and citations. The app also crawls the internet for the prospects’ contact details and adds these in the database. It’s a huge time-saving tool for outreach marketing allowing a single person to do what a team of researchers can achieve manually in one week.

Keyword research is often a free tool and the main feature of an app. You enter a keyword phrase and the tool displays the monthly search volume, average CPC, competition and other secondary metrics. Likewise, it shows related keyword sets with their respective metrics, too. A solution also provides structured keyword suggestions to help you align your keyword entry along actual set of words used by people in searches. A graph may also be shown to indicate the month-to-month behavior of the keyword phrase, giving you a heads-up on its viability to get traffic.

SEO content authoring. A plugin may be available to help you insert keywords at the right places in your article. The plugin connects to your publishing platform (ex. Wordpress) and suggests keywords as you write. It may also suggest related topics to your current article for more SEO opportunities. This tool makes sure your website or blog is keyword optimized and is also useful for blog posts and landing pages.

It also analyzes the inbound links of your competitors’. Alexa ranking and Google PageRank are usually integrated. Your website is analyzed for inbound links, page rankings and SEO opportunities. Likewise, the solution may have a link management feature that lets you consolidate your link partners in one place for easier monitoring. Any change in SEO metrics, a drop or increase, is tracked and reported at once. Metrics include country and global website ranking, keyword rankings, pageviews, backlinks, traffic, returning visitors and bounce rate.

It also generates summaries on your SEO strategies. It may include search ranking status per keyword set, CPC and comparison stats versus competitor’s sites. Reports are usually generated in graphics to help you grasp the insights fast. For agencies, visual reports are an intuitive way to show clients their campaign achievement. Some reports even allow historical ranking data for long-term SEO project assessment.


SEO software solutions tend to focus the company’s attention solely on SEO metrics. Put aside or treated as secondary elements are other key factors why readers will visit and return to your website. Factors like quality writing, well-researched pieces, social media engagement and face-to-face sales and even branding are too often overshadowed by SEO strategies once the website starts to rank on choice keywords. What happens is the website is commodified since its content is based on general keywords and not along your brand’s propositions. Likewise, the result is the classic all-eggs-in-one-basket syndrome; making the business 100% dependent on Google’s moods. The ability to generate tons of keywords, analyze websites for links, track rankings… all these give the user a lot of information that can be used to game the system. The problem is not black hat like spamming, keyword stuffing or duplicates–they are easily spotted and penalized–but grey hat where the rules are followed but bent to favor one’s site. The issue of fake news of late highlights this nagging and potentially devastating problem, where anyone can slip off Google’s net even for a few days or months.  While there are plenty of reliable free SEO tools, there are also free tools that entice you so they can collect your data or pry into your website’s sensitive data under the guise of SEO auditing. Your best defense is to stick to trusted vendors and read user reviews and learn from other users’ experiences.

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