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business management software company Delhi @ INR5000/-only, business management software company in Delhi, business management software companies Delhi, business management software, software company Delhi, business management agency Delhi, Business management Delhi

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    Expanding sales, increasing profits, searching and keeping customers. Small business or organization owners face these challenges every day. So, don’t spend your time to thinking about what business management software to use. So just pick the Digital Gateway products you need to save time doing your managing payroll, accounting, and taking payments or any other software you want to create.

    Our Services -

    1. Accounting softwares -

    • We provide while you out of the office, even then you can create and send professional messages and track or check your payments against every invoice using your mobile phone or tablet.

    • You can work on your finances on the go, using your smartphone.

    • Strong cloud accounting strategies built for you. It's easy to add more clients or customers and manage all.

    • Your business interests will consume in one place.

    • You can understand your cash flow whereby you can take action. Track your income, expenses, and chase up invoices inside your tablet or smartphone.

    • Stop spending hours matching your bank accounts; match every transaction on your statements—automatically on the go.

    1. Financial softwares -

    Digital Gateway provides financial software with a mix of the methodologies and tools that allow the businesses to keep a record of their expenses, income, and other assets. This record is important to maximize the profits and for the sustainability of the business. It targets at improving the business performance both at short and long-term by streamlining the invoices and bill collection, minimizing the redundancy, removing accounting errors, helping with budget planning and offering the flexibility for composing change and growth.

    Benefits -

    • A financial software will cost you less than hiring a specialized Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

    • You can use the software when you need it.

    • We provide a good software for you with ad-hoc capabilities to do advanced analysis of your finances.

    • A good financial software lets you know the power and weaknesses of your business as you can easily manage that how your business was, and how it can be.

    1. Payments softwares -

    • Have peace of mind that your payments are secure and reliable

    • Reduce time spent on admin with automatic reconciliation to Digital Gateway payment software

    • Accept payment online, in-store and via mobile

    1. CRM softwares -

    With CRM software, you can automate almost any kind of business requirements. CRM tracks all customer actions like when the customer was last contacted, what was the outcome, best fit product based on customer feedback. CRM gives you that all information that can turn the lead into the customer. It helps businesses to manage products for each customer. We provide through it to customize products as per customers’ requirement. Also, it understands other factors like zone, country, industry, age group etc.

    • Better Lead To Customer Conversion Ratio

    • Business process automation

    • Shorter Sales Cycle

    • Personalized Product Configuration

    1. E-commerce softwares -

    An E-Commerce software is a customized software where information is collected from different sources in a consonant manner like Flipkart, Amazon, Snap deal are all examples of E-Commerce software.

    About us -

    When a company begins to grow, everyone will be facing new challenges. There is one way to get more organized is to reduce the number of tools used to manage and maintain your company.

    Digital Gateway has developed ready to use, standard software portfolios, completing to specialised industry standards like, which includes, Accounting & Inventory Management (discussed by many accounting professionals as the best accounting application software developed in Delhi), Hospital Management, Payroll & Human Resource Management, Production and Planning, Transport Management, Investment Management etc.. The best network of support personnel backs every software package. Digital Gateway is a future expansion of all these software packages to keep it update and hold its supreme position in the market.

    As a part of the strategic move, apart from the standard software, Digital Gateway now shifted the great importance onto the customised software projects development. Our team of highly qualified and very passionate young system analysts and software engineers are capable of handle any kind of software development challenges. With desire understanding of the relevant markets, we maintain a minimum time back to between software upgrades and quick development of user-friendly software. Digital Gateway business management software company Delhi is all set to become a powerful source in this growing industry.

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