How Social Media can Deeply Influence Modern Consumer's Interest Towards Your Brand.

How Social Media can Deeply Influence Modern Consumer's Interest Towards Your Brand.

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Today, Big brands are contagious on to the fact that modern consumers are waiting for a lot more than an appealing package and a good deal. They want products with purpose and brands who concern about more than just the bottom line.

A rising society of market research is proving this isn’t just a trend, it’s a tidal shift in our economy. Here are ten essential facts about modern consumers and how their requirements for socially cognizant businesses are motivating marketplace advancement.

1: 86% of global consumers consider that business have to place at least equal burden on society’s interests as on business’ interests.

2: 91% of U.S. consumers are likely to toggle brands to one associated with a good reason, given equivalent price and quality.

3: 50% of global consumers said they would be willing to recompense organizations that give back to society by paying more for their commodities and services.

 4: 90% of U.S. consumers would be more reliable to companies that sponsor causes.

5: 47% of consumers have bought a brand at least monthly that ropes a cause, representing a 47% boost from 2010. There’s also been a 39% boost in how many consumers “would propose” cause-related brands.

6: 75% of U.S. consumers say they would contribute, volunteer and tell their friends and family about a company’s social impact efforts if given the chance.

7: 93% of consumers want to know what organizations are doing to make the world an improved place.

8: Buzzwords are not compelling and only 11-15% of consumers are positive about terms like “natural,” “sustainable,” “organic,” “fair trade,” “green,” and “eco-friendly.”

9: 71% of consumers statement being puzzled by the message companies use to chat about their efforts and impacts.

10: 41% of consumers rely on gossip to guess whether a company is socially accountable or not.

Social media has arrived like never before. And this is how it can deeply influence modern consumer's interest towards your brand.


Change nothing, accompaniment everything


The thought of any social media policy is never to preserve its print or TV campaign, it is destined to play a praising role — the mantra here is to co-exist. Firstly, the almost instantaneous form of communiqué where it permits users to supply and devour information in real time. Secondly, the immense scope of consequential engagement, distant from the push-notification disorder. Lastly, think about the magical potential of multiplying. The viewers targeted through social media is never truly the ‘end’ user, solely disconcerted to the viral temperament of the medium where people can distribute content in their circles and in fact turn out to be further advocates of the brand, increasing reach. Having a social media occurrence allows brands to leverage and amplify, yet adapt and re-target.


The solitary stop-shop resolution


Customers today react to holistic brand experiences. At the possibility of blurring identities, it is imperative for digital marketing agencies to consolidate diverse services.

Having a speckled digital campaign, peppered with AdWords and rewarded social fails to robust the bill anymore. Although websites continue to statute the roost on the digital face for most brands, all digital strategies are revolving redundant without antagonistic social media tactics. Brands instinctively retort better to agencies where all necessities are met beneath a single roof. This is similar to any contemporary e-commerce podium, ensuring a bunch of offerings for its responsive present-day consumer.


Place your money where your mouth is


Marketers are talking about the idea of social media marketing campaigns which actually assist stir the needle on the brand positioning facade, in the place of restrictive themselves to the language of plain CTR, CPL and CPC. While not exceed, these parameters of dimension are soon openhanded way to more significant outcome metric. This is a hefty part of the cause why marketers are more contented with expenditure on digital marketing campaigns nowadays than ever before, signifying what the future holds. According to Social Media Marketing India Trends Study 2016, "The figure of brands spending 17% or more of their marketing budgets on social media has improved over the last few years."


Moreover, for the first time in four years some brands identify that they spend more than 33% on social media. And this is just the start. The intensifying urge to be digitally active 24×7 will only further increase.

As the well-liked author Ryan Lilly says, “Social media is not just a beam on the wheel of marketing. It’s becoming the way more bicycles are build.”



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