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Search engine optimization is that process who optimize your online content in a particular keyword.

Suppose if you want to search your company name on a search engine web page and want to show the result on the top of your company’s website. If your website’s keywords have not the particular keywords or titles then your website will not be shown on the top of the search result.


We want to inform you that 90% of online works or experience start with a search engine. And Google’s first five results get clicks by 67%.

SEO helps the Google spiders or crawlers to go to through your website and check your website’s relevancy and then rate your website.

Digital gateway is the best SEO company in Agra who provides you the best way to make your website on the top of the search results on search engines.

How it works?


SEO optimize the website in two different types -

  1. Off-page optimization - It is based on link building for SEO.It is work in the background and improves the search results and ranking.

It is referred to activities you can perform outside the limits of your website.

            Like link building, social media marketing, social bookmarking etc.


A best website off-site SEO formula will have the following benefits to a website owner:-

Improvement in rankings

Improvement in PageRank - PageRank is a number between 0 to 10 which indicates the importance of a website in the Google’s search results.

More exposure - If Your website have relevant keywords then the search results will more exposure on search engines and it gets more links, more visits and more social media mentions.


  1. On-page optimization - It is optimized individual web pages in order to rank higher and improve more relevant traffic in search engines.

It can be taken directly from the website to improve its position in the search rankings.

Content Optimization and submission -

  1. Create relevant page titles for better search results.
  2. Create meta tags
  3. Create relevant search content on pages
  4. Make new sitemaps for Google and Bing etc.
  5. Submit website into indexes to improve the search result of your website.


Note : Every business who have a website should use SEO to better experience and expose on search engines like Google or Bing.


Basically Google uses a complex mathematical strategy called an algorithm to give a rank to every website and every search people to do in Google to figure out which website should rank on top for what people are looking for actually. Google search engine use their formula through indexes.

One index gives you a rank for the quality of your website, one index gives you a rank for how many websites link to you, one index gives you a score for how people trust you. So optimizing your website for search results really means getting the highest score in as many of these points as you can do better.


So what is that quality that Google searches on your website? - Google is trying to measure when they’re trying to figure out what sites should rank is offering something valuable or unique or interesting to Google's searchers.

Examples -

Suppose if anyone wants to Get newspaper articles, get industry links, get other trusted websites to link to your: partners, vendors, happy customers - it get them to link to your website to show that you are highly reasonable and trustworthy.

In another way if you want to search the most popular t-shirt seller to people looking to buy t-shirts online, that’s the site they want to show. So you have to convince Google to send them signals and fetch the results that your site is the most popular site for the kind of t-shirts that you sell.

If you want to people to talk about you, gives good quality content, get people to link to you, and Google will be more confident that you are the best result that they can offer to their searching users, and that’s when you will now start ranking on the first page of Google.


Internal structure of SEO -


Website Links allow the search engine’s automated robots, called "crawlers" or "spiders," to reach the many billions of interconnected documents and files on the web.

If once the engines find these pages, they solve the code from them and store selected parts in massive databases, to be recalled later when needed for a search query again.

History of SEO -

As the Internet improved, greater insight into the need to manage and find distributed data inspired developers to create some means to search for information. In 1990, the first identified search engine was created as a college project and was a text-based index of “archived” and shared File Transfer Protocol files – thus came the name “Archie”.

 In 1992, Gopher became the first search engine using a hypertext standard.

Only one year later, the graphical Mosaic browser improved Gopher’s primarily text-based interface. At the same time, Wandex became the first search engine to crawl the web indexing and searching indexed pages on the web. By 1998, the top ranked search engines found today were in development.

As natural language search features were designed in search engine tools, relevancy of ranked results was developed to have significance on traffic coming to web pages.

The initial time pioneers in the field of SEO also organize the Internet not only interesting, but a feasible industry money maker. In 1994, Greg Boser developed that he could use the Internet to sell security based foam equipment to fight fires. He built a website and started seeking ways to drive potential customers to his website for sales.

While it is near about 20 years after the birth of search engines, not all of the facts are known about the history of SEO and our goal is to interview early pioneers to share and learn more about it.


Features of SEO -

     Quality - The keyword or content is to be in high quality.

     Readable - Your website’s content should be an understandable form.

     Keyword Density - Don’t make keyword density more than 2%.

     Original - The content of your website would not be copied.

     Grammar - The sentences in your website should be in good grammatical form.


So If you want also to your website on the top of the rank on search engines and need a best SEO based website then contact Digital gateway to a better opportunity to make your website on the top rank.

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