Automation Software, @5000/- INR Only, marketing automation, automation software, invoice automation software

Automation Software, @5000/- INR Only, marketing automation, automation software, invoice automation software

marketing automation, marketing automation software, travel expense report software, automation software, marketing automation software, business process automation software

Most of the organization want to reduce their operational cost to increase their profit so it’s can be possible by using innovative modern technology in company. Automation software is a kind of software that work automatically without having any human involvement. But even there is not 100% automated software at least we need human involvement in some cases. Although our research team is continuously working on modern artificial intelligence technology to development next generation solutions in future.

We offer automation software to our many business-related customers know as CRM gateway. Our automation software is really helpful in business to generate maximum revenue with minimum afford actually in automation software we inbuild some automated functions to engage customer automatically whenever it is necessary.


In automation software we provide automatic lead follow-up system suppose in any company a sales executive having number of leads then it’s really difficult to organize in that case we have proper lead management system with marketing automation feature. That executive just need to input entry and set some parameters in software for reference our automation software follow-up customer for set time period.


Automatic bill/invoice generate system:  in our automation software we have given a feature to generate automatic bill for customer let’s have an example suppose any company having many customers with monthly billing system in separate date time than it’s really difficult to organize bills properly or send invoice to upcoming payment. If you are still managing manually for the same it’s really very time killing comparison to Automation software. In our marketing automation we are having automatic artificial intelligence system that manage, generate and send your bills automatically regularly to your customers on time with all related details in standard format.


In automation software we cover project management, expanses management, team management and many other management related parts.

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