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Every business wants automatic functions, in order to do things faster, business management softwares offer all the functionalities for your business. So Digital Gateway provides you a best business management softwares. Whereby you can manage your all business related works automatically.


Examples : Here is the examples which our company provides you a better management systems.


       Account Management

       Solution Management

       Customer Service and Support

       Tracking and Reporting

       Product Database

       Email Management

       Employee Management etc.

Your business is small, medium or big it doesn't matter. The business management software is a necessary requirement for every businesses these days.

It allows the businessmen to analyze, track, monitor, control and improve their work. Having the right software for your business needs can mean difference between things done.

As you know in business management software these following business management software categories may be :

  1. HR software
  2. Payroll software
  3. Inventory software
  4. Accounting software
  5. Email marketing
  6. Antivirus software
  7. E-Commerce software
  8. CRM software
  9. Payment management
So keeping in mind these requirements we  provide you a best way to manage or maintain your business works anywhere with one software that is provide our company.

Benefits -

     The best order management system should, first of all, provide you with a centralized backend to track & manage orders from all your sales channels. After that, it should bring order management, inventory management & shipping management capabilities in a single unified platform which we provide you.

     For example, an ideal order management system software will provide you :

     It gives a centralized system to track & receive your orders.

     It gives an automatic inventory management system which will make sure that no sales orders are lost.

     Integrated shipping management solution so that orders are shipped in the most easy way.

     Easy Order processing which includes stages like Fulfillment -> Printing -> Picking -> Packing -> Shipping

     Integration with the leading shipping providers for easy fulfillment of orders.

     Generation of tracking no to provide accurate order events to customers.

     Return Management

Features -


One and only one business management software is expected to make and store time sheets, schedules, records, receipts, cites, ventures and much, a great deal more.

Business Management Software is a framework that gives you a particular answer for deal with certain domain in your business.


Our business management softwares are interactive, like, they have an user interface or graphical user interface and users can modify/query/input data and view results quickly. They can also run reports quickly. Some business softwares run in batch mode: they are setup to run based on a pre planned event/time and a business user does not need to initiate them or monitor them.

We have a broader range of business softwares, ranging from accounting, customer relationship management, human resource management systems, groupware, outsourcing relationship management, shopping cart software, field service software, loan origination software, and other productivity magnificent applications.


Tools -

Here you can know which tools we provides, like,


     Enterprise application software(EAS) -

Enterprise application Software(EAS) tools describes a collection of computer programs with common business applications, tools for measuring how the entire organization works, and development tools for building applications unique to the organization.


     Resource management -

Resource management tools are the capable and effective development of an business’s resources when they are needed. Such resources may include inventory, human skills, financial resources, production resources, or information technology.


     Digital dashboard or business intelligence dashboard -

Digital dashboard tools benefits:

     You have ability to identify and correct negative trends

     Measure efficiencies/inefficiencies

     Ability to generate detailed business reports showing new trends

     Ability to make more informed decisions

     Visual presentation of performance measures

     Align formulae and organizational aims

     You can save time compared to running multiple reports

     Gain total visibility of all systems quickly

     Quick identification of data outliers and correlations


     Online analytical processing -

Online analytical processing(OLAP) tools allow users to analyze multidimensional data interactively from multiple ways.

     Procurement software -

It includes to approving and raising purchase orders, selecting and ordering the services or product , receiving and matching the invoice and order, and paying the bill is handled electronically etc. Procurement software tools are business software that helps to the purchasing function of a business or organization.

     Reporting software - Reporting software tools are used to reporting errors or issues for our software or application.

     Data mining -

Data mining is a necessary tool where intelligent methods are applied to extract data patterns.

     Business performance management -

Business performance management tools are a set of performance management and analytic processes that allows the management of an business’s performance to complete one or more preselected aims or goals.

     Document management -

Document management tools are used to manage, track and store documents and reduce paper use.

     Employee scheduling software -

Employee scheduling software tools are the process of creating and maintaining a automatic schedule.  Such tools will usually track sick time, compensatory time, vacation time,  and alert when there are encountered.


So you read about  these tools that what Digital gateway the business management software company  provides you. Our company provides you the best way to improve your business growth.



Errors -  If any business software fails or showing an error then it could be these reasons : due to a data error (a wrong or unexpected data input), an environment error (an infrastructure related error), a programming error, a human error or a workflow error. So if these errors occurs then Digital gateway provides you to solve these errors.


You can call us on our business management software support team phone number or sends an e-mail to the business software support team. Then our business software support team gets all the details from the business user. These details are then entered into tracking software. The tracking software creates a request number and this request number is given to the business user. This request number is used to track the progress on the support issue. The request is assigned to a support team member. And we solve our errors or issues.

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