Gps software, GPS tracking software india, white label GPS tracking software, GPS SOFTWARE INDIA

Gps software, GPS tracking software india, white label GPS tracking software, GPS SOFTWARE INDIA

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Digital gateway is a leading IT company having huge experience of software development in different latest technologies. We have experienced software development team for providing core development services.

GPS Tracking Server  

Digital gateway offer GPS tracking server to our customers on rental model.    

What is GPS Tracking software ?

Now these day in market we need to secure our assets using technologies. In terms of vehicle security we are using GPS tracking system to track and monitor our vehicles on smart-phone. GPS tracking software is a software solution that help you to repentant all Vehicle related data on your phone with the connection of internet using GPS Device. GPS software used to track your fleet real time and your vehicle analytic report. 


How GPS tracking software work ?

Actually two difference parts of GPS tracking software let me explain to you. In first part GPS tracking device installed in vehicle send data to server by using IP address for some specific port. GPS tracking software receive that data and decode it in understandable format format. GPS device normally send data to any sever in Encryption format. GPS software organize and collect data received from GPS device in their database. After collect data received from GPS device GPS software bind it in user interface to end user in really easy format.

 What we are providing for GPS companies ? 

 We Digital gateway offer really useful GPS tracking software for our customer with all latest features. We offer GPS Software in rental model for GPS companies. We invite GPS companies to use our software on rent.

What is White label GPS tracking software ?

In white label GPS tracking software we modify our solution for you with your company name and branding. In white label GPS software in front of user interface always look like your company product no one can identify DIGITAL GATEWAY as a main software owner.

In GPS tracking software we offer not only web based application but also mobile application for easy accessible.

For demonstration kindly visit our solution : 

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username:  prince

password: prince

Kindly visit our GPS TRACKING venture :


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