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Bulk sms Service

Digital Gateway is one of the digital Marketing Company in India. we provide promotional and Transactional sms solution to our Clients in affordable price. In India, the concept of sending bulk SMS is becoming popular day by day. Mobile Marketing services help to send tips, service messages, alerts, reminders and other forms of communication to the customers across a wide geographical area. Bulk sms messages can enable you to manage and enhance your relationship with all your clients as well as potential ones. If your company is adjusting the prices of products or services for instance, you can use online bulk SMS service to make this kind of announcement in advance to your clients so they prepare psychologically for the new changes.

SMS stands for Short Message Service, this is a text message sent from one mobile phone to a different. Bulk text messages are consequently sending an SMS to a big number of receivers at one time. This kind of SMS services is used by big and small business owners to advertise their business with an excellent way.

Bulk SMS service is one of the best and inexpensive ways that become the advertising tools for both small and huge scale businesses. As a start-up venture, you can get the bulk SMS services offered through the Best bulk SMS Provider Company in India. This will be the smarter and helpful way when you like to improve your business knowledge in the marketplace. Yes, when you need to take your business to your audiences in special corners of the world, you need to be something violent with your advertising strategies.

You can use bulk SMS to send reminders, update clients, send promotional deals or incentives, offer clients coupons, confirm bookings or confirmations. The uses for Bulk text messages are never-ending One can expect reliable services from the business. Support is accessible to all. They are considered as most excellent Business Services.

The bulk SMS service corporation will give you lucrative plan when you think to drive a great traffic to your website or business with no spending a lot of cash on it. The services become the cheapest and the most excellent way, what you can utilize for your branding needs. Just few clicks take your message to mass within seconds and draw the huge number of people towards your business. You or your staffs do not need to be extremely technical to operate this technology; you can simply operate it in an extremely easy way.

Getting bulk SMS services presented by the bulk SMS Company make certain to be the most useful tool because when you drop bulk SMSs to a huge people's inbox, they happily or unwillingly are forced to read you and your commerce. When they see SMS on their mobile screen, your services arrive to them and make them conscious about your services, products and all other things what you are dealing with. For operating these services, you do not require hiring a huge team; you just need to make a contact for the bulk SMS Corporation. They will make you understand regarding all the process how you can make this facility increasingly effective to market your product, and services.

For sending such messages the cell phones have become the mainly great medium. In fact, cell phones have become equal to the character of people using them. There are barely people who don’t use mobile currently & that are why SMS sent in bulk to these cell phones aid the enterprise launch a helpful ad campaign at reasonable prices.

Generally the maximum limit for an SMS is 160 fonts. Although, the messages will be limited but you can still endorse your products. Just make certain, the text ads will be creative and dominant. Bulk SMS is one method to achieve thriving advertising in a single click. You might send out to more than 1000 clients in one time, but to make certain the message reach to them is you have to be specifying on your target group, target location and text advertisement, and the mobile service providers will be doing the sharing for you.
Technology has reached up to such height that it has now become possible to promote your business through short messaging services. It has become possible to send smarter bulk SMS with the help of unmatched delivery. Reach out to your customers at an instant through personalized bulk SMS offers along with OTPs and updates.

Bulk SMs Technology – The Best Solution for Entrepreneurs

As we are leading a hectic schedule, it has really become very much necessary to save time in terms of marketing so that promoting products along with business remains no more a hard nut to crack. Keeping this point into due consideration, Bulk SMS technology has really emerged to be an easy and the best solution for entrepreneurs.

It is a fact that in the persisting pace of fast and accurate communication, the process of sending of instant messages to several SMS messengers has gained high popularity. Bulk SMS has proved itself to be the only medium that has enabled sending of an instant message to a targeted group of people in a precise manner.

Numerous Providers – Providing Astonishing Services

Bulk SMS technology is emerging to be a leader in terms of sending selective communications in terms of sending SMS alerts. There are numerous providers of such an astonishing service that will enable you to send text message alerts to cell phones thus promoting the recognition of your business.

The objective of providers is to leverage their strengths along with their partners so that it becomes easy to achieve quick growth in business through SMS solutions. Bulk SMs technology has brought powerful campaigning options for SMEs as well as marketing users without any IT assistance.

Reach a Bulk of Customers – Irrespective of Time

It is incredibly easy in terms of managing contacts, sending local language texts, personalizing bulk SMS and scheduling of campaigns. Moreover, you may even track the status regarding real time delivery as well as click metrics for all SMS campaigns. Irrespective of time as well as place, you may easily reach towards your valuable customers.

Comprising of a user friendly UI, it is possible to download real time reports in excel format. All sorts of necessary information like mobile number of sender, message along with date and time of message are available. It is also possible to manage the contacts in the panel address. Companies dealing with Bulk SMS hold a sound knowledge in Gateway API integration along with your website.

Business SMS Service Providers – Facilitating PC Software

It is possible to send a single SMS to bulk users within a single click. Businesses consider that mobile marketing is the only way to reach targeted customers in order to yield desired results. Laying out an appropriate strategy in-order to identify its real potential and magnificence is something that mobile marketing has to do with.

Once a specific requirement for the campaign and goals are set, a highly effective marketing plan requires each and every hand in the part of organization. The business SMS service providers facilitate PC software along with softwares required for sending bulk SMS all across. Nowadays, many are opting as bulk SMS providers as their profession. Sending of SMS through such reliable sources is indeed an easy to follow deal!
A massively powerful advertising and innovative marketing platform, mobile marketing basically involves large scale communications, promotions and interaction of a particular company through mobile phones of people in a targeted segment. This process basically entails the use of bulk SMS messages and various other such means in order to elaborate and offers, special discounts and general information about products, services and sale periods. In today’s times when the total advertising budget of companies and businesses is being given primal importance, mobile marketing via bulk sms comes as a very reasonable and extremely effective marketing medium that can go a long way in developing a complete picture of a given company’s products and its overall market image.
The basic initial study before the campaign is launched can include the following processes:

Targeted Audiences:

Since the platform offers for seamless and extremely unprecedented reach among people, it is important to zero in on groups or segments of the market where the campaign can have the most effective success rates. As such, these are a function of the type of client, the type of customers, the type of campaign and the duration of the campaign.

Feasibility Studies:

These are done in order to verify the costs of the program, its projected success rates and the overall benefit that is provided to the company’s sales and budgets due to the marketing campaign. It may involve studies of time, market trends, geographical and physical constraints and benefits, pertinence of the campaign and the over-all need for the campaign.

Business Feasibility:

These studies basically scrutinize the economics of the entire operation and the costs of the campaign to the company. They also involve studies of trade-offs between marginal and projected costs, projected success rates and benefits of the entire campaign. For example, small businesses that need a simple SMS marketing plan which can keep their registered customers posted about the various discounts, offers and benefits have to budget for the costs of the program because of the small budgets and high need for success rates.

After these initial planning stage studies have been completed, companies then have to sort out and zero in on the content of their marketing program. Depending on the type of the program and the targeted segments, businesses then have to develop an entire army of contents which may include:

Promotions, discounts and benefits:

Businesses can generate updated and continuous news and alerts about the various promotions and offers that they have going on. These are then sent to registered and interested customers as the chance of increasing sales is the highest with this group.


Companies can also generate content that keeps targeted segments informed about the company, its progress, any changes in the business lines, products and/or systems and also changes in business facilities, updates on local laws and regulations and so on.


These are a part of customer service and feedback programs and they entail interactive SMS messages and phone calls in order to receive quickly and securely the opinions and suggestions of their customers in the fastest manner possible. The one time dissemination and reception system makes for an extremely fast and effective way to monitor individual user experience.
Online media and marketing has become very important to market your business and ensure it reaches the target audience. There are many ways to promote your service and one of the most effective ways is to send SMS to target audience and prospective customers. In 90’s and post that sending bulk SMS has become an efficient marketing gimmick as the SMS lands right into the customers inbox and most likely be of interest to the receiver. With this there are many ways of sending bulk SMS to prospective clients and customers from PC directly. It is obviously not possible to send messages to each number individually and thus the bulk SMS services are of great help.

There are many software programs which are precisely designed to send bulk SMS from PC. The software can be downloaded on PC which manages all SMS communication allowing one to send and receive SMS in bulk. There are much software’s that can be downloaded for free while some are available with one time payment. The software have many features like scheduling of the SMS, database linking, simultaneous quick messaging to larger groups & individuals and complete report of SMS communication made. It has storage space for storing thousands of numbers.

With help of SMS sender gateway or software, it is easy to send SMS with instant delivery rate. The bulk sender for SMS is easy to use and by simply typing the message, it can be sent to all the contacts in a particular group. Messaging system is the quickest and most instant way to connect to target audience making it an efficient message. It is widely used method to promote brand and service to a particular segment of audience. Even if people are not interested, majority of people open and read the message making them aware of it.

Software is great way of delivering bulk SMS to target audience and it is very easy to download the same on PC. Most of the software is designed with maximum features like creation of different groups, setting up of a campaign, addition of message template, check message history and delivery reports, scheduling of sending message etc. Thus, bulk messaging sending software is the most efficient method to send messages from PC. One can choose to send bulk messages from PC using online websites as well that are designed for the same.

Bulk message sending software once installed can be managed and used smoothly without any hassle. There are several custom SMS templates to create variations in messages sent. It is possible to keep a track of sent messages through the software. The software enables you to create a SMS inbox as well to strike a two way conversation and make the marketing more effective. It helps in creation of simple groups or smaller groups for sending specific messages. The desktop application is great way of sending bulk messages to individuals with instant confirmation of the sent messages. However, it is important to check for the available features of the SMS sending application before using it or making the purchase.
The bulk messaging service is turning into a vital source of income, group interaction, and feedback that application developers desperately require in this highly focused online environment. Apps that dispatch without SMS functionality remain to lose out on the several advantages that accompany having the capacity to construct a high transformation list of replicate sales.

In respect to the app developer, a bulk SMS service can appreciably enhance your interaction, sales and the estate utilization of your app. Let's know the two important terms in this context i.e. Bulk messaging and API.

Bulk Messaging

The term Bulk messaging can be defined as the distribution of a large number of SMS, delivery by the means of mobile phone terminals. It is basically used by the media companies, banks, enterprises and customers brands for numerous reasons, such as, for the enterprise, entertainment, and mobile marketing.

The word bulk messaging is briefly used for alerts, reminders, promoting and additionally for information and making contact between both customer and the staff.

API (Application Programming Interface)

The most of the bulk messaging services utilize the subsequent standard APIs (i.e. application programming interface) which give programmers an opportunity to add SMS functionality to any of the mentioned programs:

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)


Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP)

An API is that medium by which the functions of the computer program like BULKSMS is made available for another computer program like the notification for online booking website. This can only be made possible by using the standard, which is known to the programmers of both the programs. In other words, the API term is used both to known to the documentation elucidate to programmers straightly how request and responses will create including definite services provided using API.

What is Bulk message API service?

The bulk messaging company provides a range of API allowing programmers to create software to join and interact with this service. In few cases, the existing software with the important capability can be set to use an API, excluding custom coding. Once it integrated into your software, you don’t have to log in manually to an application for sending SMS messages. Despite these protocols are used in process of sending SMS automatically.
Work of SMS API integration through few examples

In the case of system failure, instant SMS notification is sent automatically.

Create unique activation codes sent to clients by SMS.

Automatically appointment reminders send through SMS.

Whenever bookings are made automated notification is sent to the client through SMS.

Various software packages are available, that are required for sending and receiving bulk messages. These software packages help users to feed as many phone numbers and then these numbers are managed in variety. Most of the SMS software applications help to upload the list of mobile numbers using CSV file or text file.

Some modern system can consequently remove duplicate numbers if any and mobile numbers might be approved before sending the SMS. With improved software features, messages can be planned to send at particular times or days and bulk messages can be sent on national and global mobile networks as long as the bulk messaging supplier sends universally.
In business, it is always an advantage that you have your strategies always updating, innovating and aggressive, without being an innovator in your own business, you will not achieve the best profit of your business and if you will not be creative enough to reach out to your potential customers your business will be the same or worst you will lose the business itself.

Part of being innovative or creative is learning, what are the best ways to reach out with the customers. This is what you call marketing in digital way, reaching out to your potential customers, letting them understand what are the benefits of your product or services you are offering to them.

There are many methods nowadays in which you can effectively reach out to your audience or market, one of it is through SMS or Short Message Service applications. Through digital gateway you can reach the people far from the boundaries and can get in touch with them in just few hours.

How SMS works?

The answer is this, usually if one person wants to send a message to another person, and both people have their own mobile phone, most of the time instead of calling them, we forward a text message through a mobile phone application SMS or short message service. The digital gateway can help you out in reaching the far flung people which were not into your consideration long time before but they are your targeted audience too. With the person can only relay the most important message that they want to forward to the other person without the hassle of wasting time in communicating.

The same approach can be said of Bulk SMS applications, from one person broadcasting the message to a community or the whole and this can really work having the proper information that is needed to be relayed to the target community. This is effective especially in the marketing aspect, instead of talking to your customers' one person at a time, explaining to them the process of change or simply an update of your product or service. With the help of bulk SMS applications through mobile phones, a business can easily relay important information for clients. And this is what the digital communications can only enable for you to expose yourself to the world, so once you think of doing the bulk marketing start with the digital gateway only.

Nowadays, what is important in our community, and our society is communications and with this it has become a necessity that can never be disregarded. Either from personal use or business having communications is a good tool in bridging the gap with one person to another person. And that is how SMS applications become a necessity of importance, just a reminder that having the opportunity to communicate with other people, you have the responsibility that what you are discussion or forwarding are not abusive and a waste of time.

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We are always ready to present complete bulk SMS reseller solutions. With our reseller solution you get easy entry in the messaging resale business with minimal investment and no extra hidden cost. You can grow your business, win the market & gain new revenues. SMS business has huge benefit both now and in the future.
Lets come to your point, you want to send SMS to your 6000 contacts. But you din't mention that whether that 6000 people are registered with you or unknown people.If they are unknown to you then that SMS is called as PROMOTIONAL SMS.
when people are registered with your company then if you want to Notify it is call as Transactional SMS. Even if they are registered their number in DND also we can send SMS to them and they will be receiving it.Why beacuse Transactional Message is meant for Information purpose.

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